At FEMSA, we are excited by the challenge of profitably managing our business in the face of a complex, competitive, and changing world. To do this, we’re staying on course to meet—and often exceed—the demands of an ever-growing, ever-evolving pool of customers and consumers.

Our success flows from our ability to focus a talented team of professionals on a single shared vision: satisfying the needs of our consumers to create value for all of our stakeholders.
Coca-Cola FEMSA
In 2011, our portfolio of franchise territories across Latin America delivered double-digit top- and bottom-line growth in the face of a challenging commodity cost environment and global market volatility. For the year, our total revenues rose 20.5% to Ps. 124.715 billion. Our gross profit increased 19.4% to Ps. 57.227 billion, and our income from operations increased 18.0% to Ps. 20.152 billion.
FEMSA Comercio
In the face of a volatile macroeconomic environment, FEMSA Comercio produced another set of excellent results. Total revenues rose 19.0% to Ps. 74.112 billion. Our revenue growth came from our continued store expansion and our comparable same-store sales growth—driven by a balanced increase in store traffic and an improvement in average customer ticket.
Operating Overview
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