FEMSA’s Strategic Sustainability Framework

At FEMSA, sustainability is integral to the way we do business. In 2021, we updated our Sustainability Strategy, which is grounded in our ethics and values, to focus on three strategic pillars where we can have the greatest impact.

To design this Strategy, we identified the most important sustainability topics for FEMSA’s internal and external stakeholders and conducted business-unit level materiality assessments for FEMSA Comercio, Coca-Cola FEMSA, and FEMSA Negocios Estratégicos.

We seek to transform our communities, earn the right to operate, and align social value with global objectives.

FEMSA’s Strategic
Sustainability Framework

OUR Sustainability Strategy: Goals & Highlights

 our people

The wellbeing of our people, dignified work, and professional growth

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 our community

Development and wellbeing within the communities where we operate

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 our planet

Harmony with the environment and sustainable use of natural resources

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Human and Labor Rights


Workplace survey rating in the top 10 against benchmark of high-performing companies

*According to Mercer Sirota Employee Engagement Survey

2021 Highlights

  • 88% score on FEMSA’s Organizational Climate Diagnostic
  • +600 work centers evaluated for occupational risks

Integral Wellbeing


8.7 million hours of annual training for collaborators

2021 Highlights

  • +14.3 million cumulative hours of employee training
  • +360,170 corporate volunteering hours
  • +5,050 social development initiatives

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


To have a 20 percentage point increase of women in executive positions by 2030

2021 Highlights

  • 24% of women in executive positions
  • +3,700 of elderly or disabled people employed
  • Named to the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the first time

Community Wellbeing


20 million beneficiaries of our Community Wellbeing initiatives by 2030

2021 Highlights

  • +5,900 community actions completed
  • +2.9 millon beneficiaries of community programs
  • Ps. +85 million raised through the “Redondeo” and “Dona tu Vuelto” programs
  • +500 micro, small, and medium enterprise suppliers supported through commercial conditions
  • +3,305 tons of food donated to various organizations, including the Mexican Association of Food Banks
  • +4,000 video calls with customers in need of pharmaceutical guidance (Cruz Verde, Chile)
  • Launch of “Social Value Store,” OXXO stores that incorporate elements of quality of life, community development and environmental care in their construction, infrastructure, and operation.

Climate Action


85% renewable energy use across all our operations by 2030

2021 Highlights

  • +15,800 sites in Mexico powered with renewable energy
  • 63.6% of electricity needs in Mexico covered by clean sources, avoiding 597,014 tons of CO2e per year
  • 85% of Coca-Cola FEMSA’s manufacturing operations powered by clean energy

Water Management


Achieve a neutral water balance in all our operations by 2030

2021 Highlights

  • Coca-Cola FEMSA improved its water-use ratio to reach 1.47 liters of water per liter of beverage produced
  • 100% of water used to produce Coca-Cola FEMSA’s beverages returned to the environment in main markets
  • 26 Water Funds launched in 10 Latin American countries
  • 41,462 people in 5 countries accessing safe water through Lazos de Agua program

Circular Economy


Zero waste from operations to sanitary landfills by 2030

2021 Highlights

  • 100% of our beverage manufacturing plants in Mexico have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill certification
  • 1,450 tons of furniture and store equipment recycled in OXXO
  • +62,520 refrigerators per year – and 99% of their components – repaired, reused, or recycled by AlPunto at the end of their useful life


The use of corporate governance best practices

 Corporate Responsibility

 Ethical and Socially Responsible Behavior

 Fiduciary Responsibility

Sustainability-Linked Bond
To demonstrate FEMSA’s sustainability commitment, in April 2021 we announced the placement of Euro-denominated sustainability linked notes in the international capital markets. FEMSA successfully issued EUR €700 million in senior notes due in 2028 bearing interest at an annual rate of 70 basis points over the relevant benchmark for a yield of 0.551%, and EUR €500 million in senior notes due in 2033 bearing interest at an annual rate of 88 basis points over the relevant benchmark for a yield of 1.068% (the “Notes”). This issuance represents the largest ever sustainability-linked bond by a Latin American issuer, and it was backed by 196 international institutional investors and was oversubscribed 1.9 times.

In connection with the Notes, FEMSA developed and published a Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework, which was prepared in accordance with the Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles 2020, as administered by the International Capital Market Association. The Framework includes certain Sustainability Performance Targets (SPTs) of the Company, which are aligned with the 2030 priorities of our Sustainability Strategy, particularly the transition to a circular economy and the mitigation of climate change. In accordance with industry best practices, we obtained a Second-Party Opinion from Sustainalytics on the Framework, who noted the strength of the ambition level of FEMSA’s SPTs. Per the terms of the Notes, the satisfaction of the SPTs will also be verified by an accredited external party, and if such targets are not satisfied by certain dates, there will be an interest rate step up of 25 basis points.

Pursuant to the Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework, FEMSA has committed to annually disclose a Sustainability-Linked Securities update. For more information on our progress against the Framework’s key performance indicators and SPTs, please see our 2021 Sustainability Report, which accompanies this 2021 Annual Report.

FEMSA’s Euro denominated Sustainability-Linked Bond received the “Corporate High-Grade Bond of the Year” award from Latin Finance.