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FEMSA is a multinational beverage and retail company headquartered in Mexico. Through Coca-Cola FEMSA (48% stake), we are the largest independent bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world. Through FEMSA Comercio (100% stake), we operate OXXO, the leading convenience store chain in Mexico and a growing portfolio of other small-format retail chains in Latin America, as well as a network of retail service stations for fuel, lubricants and car care products in Mexico. We also hold the second largest equity stake in Heineken (20% stake), a major global brewer. In addition, our FEMSA Strategic Businesses provide logistics, point-of-sale refrigeration and plastics solutions to our own businesses and third party clients.

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  Our stories are shaped by our people

125 years of creating stories

From our start as a brewing company in 1890 in Mexico, to our profile today as a global leader in the beverage and retail industry, much has clearly changed. Yet we still embrace the same passion and spirit of innovation that have always driven us, and the enduring commitment to quality, community and value creation for all our stakeholders.

The history of our first 125 years has been shaped by hundreds of thousands of individual stories, by our people and their aspirations, by our customers, suppliers and communities, and how they all joined together to create something bigger, something better, allowing us to become a part of our stakeholders’ lives and accompany them through the years. Today we celebrate those stories and share a selection of them in this book.


Founding of Cervecería Cuauhtémoc

Five enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Isaac Garza, José Calderón, José A. Muguerza, Francisco G. Sada, and Joseph M. Schnaider founded Cervecería Cuauhtémoc, a brewery known at the time as Fábrica de Hielo y Cerveza Cuauhtémoc, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, with 72 employees.


#1 in beverages in every region where we operate

Competitive advantages

We operate in a complex and competitive industry, with changing –and often challenging– market conditions. Our aim is to grow profitably and sustainably by leveraging our core capabilities and competitive strengths: consumer focus, continuous growth, managing complexity profitably and exceptional people.

consumer focus

We strive to create a perfect experience for each of our consumers on every occasion. That means knowing and understanding who they are, meeting their evolving needs and ensuring that each interaction exceeds expectation.
+10 million average transactions per day at OXXO

The launch of a national leader

We acquired a brewery in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, and launched this small, regional brand across Mexico, catapulting it into its position today as the nation’s leading canned beer.


Total consolidated revenues in 2015 rose 18.3% over the prior year


Total consolidated revenues in 2015 rose 18.3% over the prior year


continuous growth

By expanding into new products and formats, and scaling our geographic footprint within and beyond our current markets, we continue to deliver on our promise of sustainable growth.
+8,000 new jobs created in 2015 with OXXO store openings

Our first step towards an international presence

The globalization of Coca-Cola FEMSA began with the acquisition of 51 percent of
Coca-Cola Buenos Aires, Argentina.


3,000 average number of SKUs per OXXO store


3,000 average number of SKUs per OXXO store


managing complexity profitably

We operate in 12 countries across diverse economies and cultures, serving millions of consumers each day. From procurement, production and pricing, to data analytics, demand forecasting and distribution, the complexities of our businesses are vast. We thrive in this environment –and deliver profitable growth– by leveraging our technology, experience and know-how.
357.6 million consumers in our markets

Tailored solutions through FEMSA Logística

FEMSA Logística began to operate as an independent company to provide logistics solutions to FEMSA’s subsidiaries.


Ps.293.1 million invested in onsite and online training in 2015


Ps.293.1 million invested in onsite and online training in 2015


exceptional people

Our success is a direct reflection of our people. We believe in the talent and potential of our more than 260,000 employees, and rely on a Comprehensive Talent Management model to attract, develop, retain and grow the best teams in the business.
21 directors and managers rotated across our operations in 2015 to enhance their skills

The founding of a world-class university

Eugenio Garza Sada, CEO of Cervecería Cuauhtémoc, founded the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, which he called “my ninth and dearest child .“ He was the university’s most devoted promoter and ideologist.