In the face of a tough commodity and volatile currency environment throughout much of the year, our business delivered double-digit top-and bottom-line growth—including the results from our recent mergers with Grupo Tampico, Grupo CIMSA, and Grupo Fomento Queretano in Mexico. For the year, our total revenues rose 19.9% to Ps. 147.7 billion. Our gross profit increased 21.4% to Ps. 68.6 billion, and our income from operations increased 19.4% to Ps. 22.0 billion.

Our growing and evolving insights into consumer needs and preferences drive our portfolio strategy across our markets. As a result, together with our partner The Coca-Cola Company, in 2012, we introduced a number of new products and presentations to satisfy consumer demand in multiple beverage categories. During May 2012, we carried out a system-wide launch of FUZE tea, a fusion of tea with natural fruit flavors, in a variety of presentations across our franchise territories in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Thanks to our operations' successful implementation of our integrated marketing strategies—including innovative advertising, sales promotions, and point-of-sale materials—we doubled the historic point-of-sale coverage of the previous brand, attracted a broader base of consumers, and drove consolidated year-over-year volume growth of 25% in the ready-to-drink tea category.

We also continued to stimulate and satisfy consumers' demand for more natural juice-based beverages through the innovative growth of our orangeade category. In Mexico, Valle Frut orangeade is now the country's third largest brand, generating sales of approximately 50 million unit cases this year in our territories. Following its fourth-quarter 2011 rollout, del Valle Fresh orangeade contributed almost 45% of our incremental volume growth in Venezuela for the year. Moreover, Hi-C orangeade contributed significantly to our non-carbonated beverage volumes in Argentina for the year. Altogether, this category represented 52% of our consolidated non-carbonated beverage volumes in 2012—reflecting our ability to identify and develop promising beverage categories for our consumers.

On the packaging front, we continued to identify and anticipate consumers' evolving needs with a growing array of affordable and convenient alternatives. In Venezuela, we introduced our convenient, entry-level 355-milliliter PET single-serve and our affordable 1-liter PET multi-serve presentations for brand Coca-Cola, enabling consumers to enjoy the magic of Coke on multiple occasions. In Colombia, we launched the Fanta brand in several presentations and three different flavors —orange, apple, and grape— offering our consumers a refreshing new beverage, while driving per capita consumption of our brands. In Mexico, on top of our convenient 200-milliliter PET single-serve presentation, we launched a 500-milliliter returnable glass bottle to complement our broad array of packages for brand Coca-Cola, providing an attractive value proposition for our consumers to enjoy. In Argentina, we introduced our convenient, entry-level 250-milliliter PET presentation for brand Coca-Cola, fostering single-serve consumption on the go. Furthermore, to reinforce our position in Brazil's sparkling beverage category, we extended the coverage of our affordable, returnable, multi-serve 2-liter PET bottle for brand Coca-Cola and Fanta. Through our expanding portfolio of presentations, we take the opportunity to maximize consumers' enjoyment on every occasion.

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