Our people are the engine that drives our business' growth and development. Accordingly, we empower our people with the culture and capabilities to profitably address the everyday complexity of managing, operating, and satisfying the needs of our consumers at more than 10,000 OXXO stores.

At FEMSA Comercio, the consumer is king and the name of the game is customer service. This, in turn, becomes the main objective of our 91,977 strong workforce. With this in mind, we have developed an internal service chain that enables the people who work at our OXXO stores to provide our shoppers with exemplary service, to grow personally and professionally, and to take pride in their position as an employee of our company.

We recognize that a satisfied employee understands the responsibilities of their post, strives to achieve positive results, stays at our company and contributes to its growth, and, ultimately, transcends or goes above and beyond in their job, family, and community. With this in mind, we have established a structured human resources platform, called our "Internal Value Proposition for Employees." This platform focuses on eight levels: financial security, health and welfare, secure environment, enablement, freedom to act, recognition, development, and transcendence. Given their importance for our people's welfare, each level features initiatives that foster a sense of satisfaction among our employees. For example, with regard to financial security, we guarantee fair and easy-to-understand compensation, and with respect to health and welfare, we offer medical coverage, as well as our company's comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety System (SASSO).

We also promote personal and professional growth. Among our development programs, the OXXO Institute offers free courses, high school programs, and undergraduate degrees for all of our employees. In 2012, 204 store managers enrolled in the Institute's Bachelor's Degree in Retail Company Management, and the first group of 14 graduated by the end of the year.

Through our multi-faceted human resources platform, we not only provide the conditions necessary for the full professional and personal advancement of our people, but also instill the culture and competencies required for them to profitably achieve our business' goals.

At the end of the day, OXXO's sharpening consumer focus, growing ubiquity, expanding value proposition, and culture of service ensure that "we are always ready, and we are always there for you."

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