During 2012, we updated our comprehensive long-term sustainability strategy and developed the planning required for its implementation. Founded on our company's 122-year value-based work ethic, our vision is to ensure the sustainability of our business by positively transforming our communities through the simultaneous creation of economic, social, and environmental value.

To that end, we embarked on an extensive exercise to integrate sustainability into our overall strategic planning and to reinforce it in our day-to-day decision-making processes. After a multi-area diagnosis and analysis, we defined our most important priorities in the area of sustainability. Composed of three governing pillars—including nine action areas and their corresponding focus topics—our strategy is designed to more efficiently concentrate our resources on those areas that will generate the greatest positive impact on our business, the environment, and the communities we serve.

Our sustainability strategy enables us to define clear targets that we can use to monitor, measure, and achieve the desired impact of our actions; incorporate new trends; mitigate risks and identify opportunities; facilitate the creation of alliances with stakeholder groups; and maximize, prioritize, and focus our efforts. In 2013, we will continue working on the development of objectives, targets, and action plans to ensure their alignment with our sustainability strategy.

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